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131st AES Recap

131st AES NYC Recap

Before Setup

It always seems to take longer to get up a recap than we want.  I guess that's a good sign as it's because we wind up with a lot of extra work right after the show and this year was no different from previous years.  So without further ado, here is the highlights for us at the show.

October 20, 2011:  Load-in.  Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and despite a whole lot of extra planning and foresight, this year's load-in was less smooth than last year.  Part of it was the fact that we had a 10' x 20' booth rather than the 10' x 10' booth and part of it was that Murphy's Law seemed to be as persistent as the Laws of Gravity.  Due to a variety of reasons and delays, instead of having 6 people for set up we only had one.  Due to a freight pickup issue in Kansas, we were guaranteed to have our pallet on the floor when I arrived at 11 AM that morning.  Apparently the special handling was so special that no one could find it in its special place so it came about an hour later.  Our booth had also moved at the last second to a spot closer to the front- a good thing.  However, not all of the service folks had recieved that memo- a bad thing.  So we showed up with no electrical, 8 chairs instead of 3 and no one knowing where are paperwork was.  After being told that I "just don't know how things get done in NYC" by a member of the electrical union we eventually got the electrical straightened out and up and running.  I eventually got our pallet and started setting everything up.  One by one, the other folks showed up and the booth was ready to go.  Just a lot more headaches than last year.

Dinner.  Last time we were in NYC for AES we found an awesome sushi restaurant that we went to three nights in a row.  For two years we've been counting the days until we could make it back to NYC so that we could launch a second gastronomical assault on the same said restaurant.  Since I hadn't eaten since breakfast and everyone else was hungry from traveling we went for sushi after we had finished with the booth set up.  Surprisingly, the manager remembered us from two years ago.  Or not surprisingly as Oliver is 6' 7", I'm 6' 4" and we both ate a pile of food last time.  We were not disappointed!

Terry Manning and Chris Juried just before opening...

October 21, 2009: Open for Business!  We all got there early on Friday morning so that we would have everything that had been shipped to the hotel brought to the booth and set up before folks would arrive.  All of the mics needed to be hung (with care...), Larry and Chris needed to set up their computer display, and Oliver and I had to arrange all of the transformers, microphone part samples, capsules and other fun things for folks to look at.  The first hour of the show was on the slow side but I checked my watch at around 11 AM and when I looked at it again it was 4:30PM!  Everyone was active the entire time and we all skipped lunch because we just hadn't thought about it.  With the four companies at our one booth I felt like we had something for everyone to look at.  Both Tube Equipment Corporation supply product to other manufacturers so other companies were swinging by our booth to check out what we had.  Everyone had something for engineers and producers to look at and AMI had parts and components for the DIY crowd to check out for their next project.  Below is a rough idea of what we had at the show.

The Products

TAB Funkenwerk and Lucas products

Lucas Engineering:  At this year's show, Lucas unveiled what should be the production prototype of The Moonray mic pre.  While it was shown initially two years ago, it was in a much more primitive state than what was brought to this year's show.  Pending final studio testing by Terry, The Moonray should be ready to move into the production phase in early 2012.  Also shown was the upcoming CS-3 microphone, an omni-directional small diaphragm condenser microphone in the lineage of the historic KM53.  Stay tuned for both of these products!

Tube Equipment Corporation:  Larry and Chris hand carried The Moonray up from Florida and had their highly acclaimed SR71 compressor available for viewing at the show.  In addition, they showed off the new suite of computerized test equipment that they've been developing.  Their tube tester can test 20 vaccuum tubes at once giving digital read outs of their performance as well as which tubes meet your predefined set of minimum requirements weed out rejects.  Several manufacturers that work with tube based equipment came by to check out their set up.

TAB Funkenwerk:  We brought with us samples of all of our current TAB Funkenwerk products.  The two developments here were that we have now upgraded the exterior design of the V71DI to match the entire rest of the line and this was the first time that we had shown this at an AES show.  We also had the very first production unit of the V72M on hand which we had folks listen to at the demo event later that evening.