Vintage Audio Technology for the Modern Studio
Mastering Console

Custom Two Channel Mastering Console

This was a two channel mastering console with x/y or M/S set-up options.  Built out of historic TAB/Telefunken and Neumann modules, supported with TAB-Funkenwerk parts, this unit was built for tracking or mastering in use with digital recording tools.


The Set-up:

Switchable X/Y or M/S decoder with ELA 130 Direction fader (moves stereo images 360 degrees) and 0 to 180 degree center focus fader

V376b (476b) mic preamps, 0 to 80 dB with 40/80/120 Hz cutoff (-12dB) or 20 to 40kHz

U376b (476b) compressors/limmiter with deesser and low level expander

W391b (U491b) three band EQ , +/- 15 db cut/boost, center frequency and Q

W390s (290s) stereo fader for M/S and X/Y signal

Z340 diferential transformer (MS/encoder)

J345 light meters, with 20 ms attack, -50 to +5dB

U370b light meter driver set @ 0dB (0.775V)

N350 powersup. +24V/2A, +48V/100mA, +12V/3A

S/N : -95dB@60dB setting unweighted

Every module can be bypassed or used through the built-in Switchcraft TT patchbay.