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M49 Alternative basic kit

The new M49 Alternative Kit

Yes, it is finally done! Three years ago we introduced the TLM49 mod and after doing more than 40 mods as well as publishing the "How to instruction" we finally are proud to announce our new DIY kit the M49 A(lternative). After we helped and assisted on several DIY kits, mainly with components like stand offs and boards, we decided to make the entire metal work. While doing the first samples, we played with several different shapes and forms, we came up with a Hybrid of the classic M49 housing the and the TLM metal work. Aside being more flexible it also made the tooling cost more affordable. If we learned one thing from our first two DIY kits, it is that most of our customers are interested in a high quality DIY kit and not a historically accurate reproduction. Why try to replicate parts that do not do anything for the sound?
We are happy to announce now our 3rd, the M49 looking kit, that is somehow a good platform for any DIY project, enough space for any transformer as well as tube. We want to keep all options open, so we are offering this kit as a base model so that each customer can modify it in any possible direction. For the first time we worked together with Dany of

he offers an M49 PCB kit for our new 49 metal work, as well as PCBs for our C12 kits.

The first one is a full kit with all needed parts to build a working microphone.  It includes the M49 Alternative metal work, with all connectors (Binder and XLR), cable, capsule with holder (hybrid M7/K49), components (resistors, caps), a BV11 transformer, a US made NOS JAN tube (5840) and an off shore PSU for only $990!


The 2nd one is pretty much the same, but substitutes an AMI made PSU that can be used for a wide range of projects (best S/N ratio of all aftermarket PSU), 10 meters of Gotham tube mic cable, two Binder 7 pin tube mic connectors, plus a AMI M49 shockmount, for  $1200!

We offer a 3rd one! Just the basic M49A metal work with Danys PCB, with all connectors (Binder and XLR) , cable, AMI K47 Classic capsule with holder, a T49 transformer, a US made NOS JAN tube (5840) and an off shore PSU for only $700!

Find the story of the AMI TLM to DIY M49 here:

TLM49 Conversion to DIY M49


 After 13 years and 10ooo BV type transformer with the four hole footprint made, we are proud to offer the BV Classic Series. Great BV tone like our standard replacement but now with the two hole footprint.
For our Thanks Giving Sales Event we offer the newly introduced BV8/11/12 for $200 !

The story of the U47 output transformer BV8!


The T-Boxes are coming soon... 


We just finished field testing on our newly designed T-Boxes, shipping will start within the next 4 weeks, starting with the T71-DI and the T74 mic splitter/differential box. Stay tuned for more info to follow soon!


High Quality Passive Direct Boxes are a necessity for recording and live sound environments. Typically they are utilized for running Instrument signal's over long balanced lines. A good one will sound good on anything and remain faithful to the instrument passing through it! The T71 passive direct Box is a very good example! It has a full and uniquely creamy tone, without any of the harshness and "sizzle" that plague other designs. Following suit with it's custom designed AMI transformer, the T71 has some features that set it apart from the others. The input Impedance selector, and Top-Boost allow the engineer some different options for different pickups and setups. In addition, it's Dual Output Splitting capabilities make it a more flexible option for routing the signal. For example, a bass player can run a self contained personal monitoring rig as well as feed directly to the FOH Mixing Console. We recommend trying the T71 against the other passive transformer-balanced Direct Boxes on the market. You will be surprised by the difference in tone and frequency response it offers!

T74 Splitter

No engineer should be without this AMI T-Box! For both Live Sound work and for the Recording Studio, there are many applications for splitting mic and line signals. In the studio, you can "shoot out" multiple mic preamplifiers with one microphone/source/performance allowing much less variance in your mic preamp evaluation's. This cuts down the time you spend testing and setting up the gear! More time is allotted for music!! Other applications might be in mixing, sending the same signal to multiple processors at once. The T74 could also be used with M/S setups! With live sound applications, it is common to split a dynamic mic's signal both to active inner-ear monitoring systems and the FOH mixing console, allowing the engineer total control of the signal in the main's. Sound quality is very important, so custom AMI Transformer's provide sonic integrity without degradation! Over the years, we have found plenty of interesting problem solving techniques with the T74, so if your interested in learning more, just drop us an email!