Vintage Audio Technology for the Modern Studio
Oahu Pics

AMI's 15-watt Oahu Guitar amp, top view

As simple as can be; two channels with two inputs each, channel one with regular input and high pass input.  The cathode of the 12AX7 is grounded and the bias is generated via the start up current. Channel two uses the 2nd half of the 12AX7 that is cathode biased with a bypass cap, a simple tone control in front of the 12AX7 phase splitter that drives either a pair of EL84 or 6V6 power tubes.


A single 10 inch Eminence speaker with an open back.  The EL84 version is powered by a 5Y3 rectifier, the 6V6 by a solid state rectifier.


A solid Black Oahu in a different style cabinet. We also made them in solid Grey, Blue, Red and clear Plexi-glass.


The Plexi Oahu on display at the 2009 AES Show in NYC.  Apple and picture courtesy of Terry Manning.


Arlington Guitar show 1999.


The two owner of Jester Products in 1999, left Oliver on the right  side Christian in front of the Arlington booth.


Oliver in 1997 spray painting  the 2nd production run of Oahu chassis, the golden anodized face plate was added later.


The Gray Yacht Tolex is applied with natural glue.


Backstage view of Keith Richards Oahu amps


Not related to Oahus but here is a cool backstage view of Mr. Richards Twins.


This pic is not related to Oahu's either.  But at the Omaha show, Brooks and Dunn opened for the Rolling Stones and this is a back stage view of them. Country never looked so good.....


During the Rolling Stones show in Wichita, Oliver delivered 10 of the 20 Oahus ordered by Mr. Richards.


Oahu wood boxes in the making...