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What customers say about TAB-Funkenwerk products...

Over the last decade, we have sold over 200 V72S units, over 500 V78M units, hundreds of V71DI's and refurbished, updated and racked the same amount of historical units.   When comparing the technical specs and frequency plots between a historic V72 and our V72S or V72M, the results look identical.  How does it sound?  That is better described by several users.


Oliver Archut Techinical Director

 TAB Funkenwerk Product Owners 

Bill Martell, Bass Player, Buffalo, NY:  

You have created the highest caliber of audio equipment coupled with the best musicality I've experienced. The V71DI has been my only choice for bass DI for the past 2 1/2 years. This amazing little box has bettered all of the usual suspects normally associated with bass. Clean beautiful tone, while adhering to the highest standards of audio fidelity. I now have the new version of the V78M. What an amazing looking unit. Build of this unit has raised the bar. Sonically meets the standards that I was expecting. No compromise. The input sensitivity switching makes this unit extremely versatile. Unsurprisingly these tube driven units have more harmonic content than solid state as well some other tube boxes. What amazes me is that these units are quieter than the others, including solid state. Thanks Oliver for the best I've heard.

Martin Feveyear, Producer/engineer Jupiter Studios Seattle/WA:

Thick, rich and dense, the TAB-Funkenwerk V72S are HUGE. The low mids have a fabulous bloom without cloudiness, and upper mids are so comfortable, yet still with that "Gruffness" a V72 should have.

My favorite electric guitar microphone pre amp. We are so happy we bought four...

Joe Napoli, Cloud 9 Recording Long Island/NY:

The V72S is the best sounding pre I've ever used, period. The depth of this pre has to be heard to be believed. There's only one way to describe it's sound and that's 3D!

It lets the true character of my vintage C24 come through like never before, and when I plug my Korg T1 into the DI inputs it sounds like a Steinway.

This pre is a true classic; I Can't wait to hear the [U73 M]compressor!

Rick Sutton, Sutton Sound , Atascadero, CA:

I specialize in acoustic instrument recording, the bulk of my work with roots (folk, blues, Americana) and acoustic jazz. I've tried many mic preamps over my 30 year career and absolutely none of them have given me the silky and solid tonal presence of the TAB [Funkenwerk] V72S. Tube mic pres that I have owned before the V72S have suffered from a variety of shortcomings that include poor noise performance, limited dynamic range (especially with loud vocals) and a general softness to the attack that only works with some sources.

The V72S not only doesn't suffer from these problems, it actually excells in all of these matters. Whisper quiet, solid tone with incredibly wide dynamic range, and an extended frequency response that imparts an effortless, beautiful tone to everything I put through it. My AKG C-12 and C-24 open up with this preamp and sound like they were designed to be amplified by this circuit.(Maybe they were!) My U47 sounds more solid and the highs need less eq to lift the vocal in the mix. The V72S also has enough gain to work beautifully with my ribbon mics too. I have many other highly regarded mic pres, but the V72s is now my first choice for voice and acoustic instruments.  I'm also currently experimenting with line level sources and results have been very surprising. When I strap this unit across the mix buss on my console (through the V72S' XLR inputs with gain at 0 or -6) the entire mix gets bigger and noticeably richer. How can a mic pre take this kind of level and not fold up? TAB Funkenwork has definitely designed an amazing gain structure into this unit. Measurements can't begin to account for what this pre can do to open up the sound. The extra size and depth this baby puts on the sound is just what I look for in acoustic music. I've begun to use it as part of my mastering chain going into the Sonic Solutions editor and have had excellent results there too. Does it sound like I like this Pre? You bet I do. Just wish I had a rack of them. They don't come cheap, but they're worth every penny.

THANKS, Rick Sutton

Mike Tholen, engineer Genuine Music Chicago, IL:

We've had your stereo V72S package for nearly a month now and I must say it is quite a stunning package to say the least.  They are full of "color", they have a low end that not many pre's can deliver without getting too "tubby" or "dark" while delivering every bit of "punch" and "detail".

Until now we've had to look into getting our hands on the old stuff and then find someone to rework them into working units. And of course you'd have to add a few features to bring them into today's world.  It has all of the new features you'd expect from a mic pre, ie; phase, 48v, stepped gain, and a high pass filter, and a great DI along with the great full tone you'd come to expect from a Telefunken V72S.

I have alot of different pre's to choose from and whether I'm recording an orchestra, loud guitars, drums, vocals, acoustic instruments, or Keyboards I'm choosing the V72S' more and more.
Thank You

Sergio De Laurentiis Bellinzona (Ticino) Switzerland:

Hi Oliver,
I just wanted to let you know that I just got the V72S. After a couple of hours of test I'm here writing HOW GORGEOUS IT SOUNDS. Probably it's no surprise to you since you know the "beast" very well, but believe me, when I heard the first results I was REALLY REALLY HAPPY with my purchase. Sincere compliments for your work.

Users on rebuilt and modified V modules

Matt Chamberlain, Session Drummer, Seattle, WA:

I took my V72's to Oliver and he basically rebuilt them and brought them up to spec. I was completely amazed when I used them for the first time. They were alot tighter and punchier in the low end and the noise was virtually gone. It felt like I went back to 1955 and bought a new set of V72's.

Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, Cowboy Technical Services Recording Rig, Brooklyn, NY:

I sent my favorite pair of V72's to Oliver to have them cleaned up and re-racked and what I got back was fantastic. I would describe them as "bigger" sounding. Oliver added input and output gains that make the unit much more flexible. The rack is really sturdy. Having the phase, phantom and pad switches have really helped me to use the V72's in more situations than I used to.  Workmanship inside and out is superlative. I liked the sound of the units before but I love them now.

Devin Davis, Indy Musician and Producer, Chicago, IL:

I sent my dead V72 to Oliver, and ever since i've gotten it back, i've been using it non-stop. It's hard to describe it's characteristics without falling back on words that have been used countless of times before like "warm" and "smooth."
I personally LOVE the sound of an electric guitar amplifier turned up to just the point before distorting the V72. The V72 yields glorious results when used with a U47 or a C12A, as well as with a TLM-103, and it also makes a GREAT D.I. And... I cannot begin to say enough about the quality of TAB-Funkenwerk's worksmanship. Absolutely top notch wiring and soldering work. thanks Oliver.

Dennis McDonald , Producer Looney Bin Studio Everett, WA:

I just want to let you know how wonderful my custom racked pair of V672's sound. They provide me with one more option to color my tone, always giving a great punch and timeless sound to any signal. I use mine for all phases of tracking and mastering. The difference is HUGE. The quality of the work done is quite impressive. They look and sound great!! My clients are quite impressed with the sound they get at my facility. Your customer service is excellent. You never fail to answer any questions I might have even after the job was finished. I look forward to my next purchase. Thanks again...