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Design and Manufacturing

Oliver Archut

Customer Service, Tradeshow and Marketing

 Baerbel Archut


Amber Datford


Alina Troska 

If you are a consumer who has purchased a TAB-Funkenwerk product and you are having problems with the unit, need to send it back for a tune up or you want to let us know how much you love our product, please contact us at and we will get back to you to help you with your needs.

If you are looking to purchase microphone output transformers from AMI, you can either contact one of our dealers or buy them directly from us.  Please contact us at to find out how to purchase these transformers.  Please note, that we do not install microphone transformers for customers.

If you are a studio, sound company or venue looking to have TAB Funkenwerk solve your large installation needs, you can contact us at for specs, design and delivery.

Repairs, Racking and Vintage Modifications:

Back in 2006, Oliver Archut and AMI, ceased taking on any additional repair or racking jobs due to time contraints and Oliver's heart surgery.  We refer all historic V and U series repair work to James Gangwer.  We no longer sell new old stock parts directly to consumers.  If we have them in stock, we will sell them to James and have him replace them and then set up and test these units.  We do manufacture the plate inductor and input, output and power transformers for the historic V and U series products.  Just like new old stock parts, we sell them to James Gangwer so that he can install them into the units as necessary.  James Gangwer has been repairing these units for decades and we are confident in his work

We do not sell NOS vacuum tubes on their own.  We do replace them in AMI made units and they are priced accordingly.

We do not provide digital copies of schematics for vintage equipment.  Any schematics that we have available for folks are already posted on our website or Oliver has posted them in the past on forums.

We do sell mic output transformers and a small selection of mic capsules and parts directly to consumers, however, we do not install them.