Vintage Audio Technology for the Modern Studio

TAB Funkenwerk: Vintage technology for the modern studio.

At AMI, we're helping producers, engineers and home recording musicians discover what made the historic Telefunken line of audio products truly exceptional.  Working with the original schematics and manufacturing specs for these units, Oliver Archut has applied almost two decades' worth of experience in providing repairs, modifications and full restorations of these historic units toward modifying the historic designs to properly incorporate the modern controls and features needed in today's studios.  It's one thing to simply copy a schematic or circuit layout and create a reasonable clone of a vintage unit such as a historic V72.  It's a whole different ball game to take the original schematic and properly rework the circuit to create a unit that sounds like a historic V72 yet delivers 76 dB of gain (instead of the 40 dB of a historic V72s) with an Input Impedance selection switching system allowing you to ideally impedance match your ribbon mic's output impedance as in our new V77M Ribbon Mic Pre.  Our goal is to solve today's studio needs while delivering the beautiful vintage sound of yesterday.


After circuit design, we believe that transformers are the most important component that affects the sonic quality of any audio unit.  Yes it is true that you can buy "off the shelf" transformers that have been tested to certain voltages, but there is a big difference between sending a test voltage through a transformer and putting the dynamic voltages created by a voice or instrument through that same transformer.  To achieve a better result, AMI has worked with the engineers who designed and manufactured all of the transformers used in the historic Telefunken broadcast quality audio products.  Consequently, we wind and manufacture every transformer that is used in our TAB Funkenwerk products here at our own factory enabling us to create the highest quality transformers, equaling and in some cases surpassing the performance of the historic transformers created for these products.


The next most important coloration of sound quality are vaccuum tubes.  In general, audio equipment that use vaccuum tubes in their circuit design give a warmer tone with ear pleasing results when the signal becomes overloaded and distorted.  Many producers are realizing that while digital recording is immensely convenient for editing and mix down, the human ear can become fatigued by digital recording due to the bright clean sound and overtones that are created through that process.  To combat this, many producers and engineers are going back to tube technology to provide a warmer and pleasing tone on the original signal as it is being recorded to a digital device.  All of the TAB Funkenwerk products that utilize vaccuum tubes in their design use high quality New Old Stock (NOS) tubes to match the sound of the historic products.

Finally, all TAB Funkenwerk products use high quality components to ensure the highest standards of consistency, performance and longevity.  Plug your best microphone into one of our mic pre-amplifiers and we believe that your expectations for sound quality will be changed forever.

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