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Mics and Mic Parts

The Lucas CS-1 Microphone

Microphones and Microphone Parts

Recording starts at the microphone, which is why they are so important!  In order to make a great recording you need two things; a great performance and the ability to capture that great performance in a flattering way.  Microphones are at the beginning of the recording process and they also happen to be the ultimate translator.  Sound waves are molecules of air put into motion at varying frequencies and amplitudes.  The capsule of the microphone captures the complex "image" of those soundwaves and converts them into voltages, the buffer amplifier "enlarges" those voltages and the transformer "translates" those voltages to a level that can be manipulated by various audio processing units down stream.  Some microphones are designed to capture the source exactly as it is heard in the room.  Others are designed to add flattering harmonics to the source.  In either case, it is important to have a mic system that works together; capsule, buffer amplifier (with or without a vacuum tube) and transformer.

AMI is involved with microphone manufacturing at many levels.  We design and build microphones systems, make transformers (historic and custom designs) and provide mic kits as replacement parts and DIY projects for consumers.


AMI Mic Output Transformers

At AMI we specialize in building microphone output transformers.  Using the old winding techniques we are able to manufacture authentic sounding replacement transformers for vintage microphones as well as custom designs for new microphone projects.  You can experience the difference that a quality transformer can bring to your mic with our T58 dynamic microphone transformer.  This transformer can fit into any dynamic microphone that has an inside diameter of .08" and can hold a transformer of 1" in length.  If you can use a soldering iron and epoxy with a moderate level of competency, you can perform this modification yourself.  Our T58 was designed to improve the high frequency response as well as the clarity of the source signal throughout the frequency range.  This simple transformer upgrade on a standard SM57 can provide you with a glimpse of how much a quality transformer can improve the tone of even an inexpensive microphone.  You can check out the T58 and all of our other replacement transformers here

Microphone Design and Production

Over the years, Oliver Archut and AMI have designed and manufactured a number of microphones.  Some have been one of a kind productions that were made in house using our own metal shop for the metal work.  Others have been larger production runs where we outsource the metal work and build the buffer amplifiers and transformers in house and then do final assembly and testing.  Sometimes our relationship with the microphones are publicly stated (i.e. Lucas Engineering) but we also have clients where we are an undisclosed OEM manufacturer for their brand.  In either case, if you are interested in having AMI assist your company as an OEM parts supplier or manufacturer, you can contact us at and we can discuss your needs.

For a list of AMI's current and past OEM partners you can click here.

AMI C12 Kit Prototype

AMI Microphone Metal Work Kits

Recently, we started to produce metal work kits for microphones.  These kits are based on historic microphones so that they can be used not only for do it yourself kits but also as a source of replacement parts for historic mics that might need a little TLC.  We currently have U47 kits and parts in stock that customers have used to build their own mics and we've used them to refurbish historic U47's as well.  Next up, we are working on a C12 microphone kit which should be available later this summer.  For those who are interested in using our kits for manufacturing their own microphones, you can contact us at to discuss volume pricing.