Vintage Audio Technology for the Modern Studio
V76M Mono Mic-pre

V76M: Single Channel Tube Mic-pre

The historic V76M was the pinnacle of tube mic preamplification made for radio broadcast and recording applications.  Consisting of essentially two historic V72 modules, one cascading into the other, the V76M introduced a whole new paradigm for engineers.  With a full 76 dB of gain, the V76 came stock with a 12 position gain control knob allowing the engineer to select the proper setting for the specific recording circumstance.  While some units came with EQ shelves (the V76/80 and V76/120) the studio unit (the V76s) did not offer this feature and was designed to provide a frequency response from 20-20 KHz.  The historic V76 achieved a tremendous base response and sound due to the two cascading units but had the minor drawback of an attenuated high frequency response due to the design.  Considered by many to be the best mic pre ever made for capturing kick drum and bass, the high gain output, EQ shelf and built in gain control made these units very popular with engineers throughout the years. 

We will launch our V76M, our modern take on the historic V76, some time in 2012.  It will be a mono unit housed in a two rack space unit sharing many of the same circuit designs as our future U73M unit; the same way the historic units shared many components and design features.  Our goal is to introduce it at the AES show in New York City.  Stay tuned for more updates!