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UM17 Microphone


The UM17

Using the same tube and buffer amplifier circuit as the UM17R, the UM17 is designed as an entry point into the world of performance microphones for serious enthusiasts or a reliable professional tool for studios on a budget. Built with a focus on sound quality, the UM17 shares many attributes of the UM17R, making it one of the best value microphones in its class. 

The UM17 uses the exact same circuit, NOS tube, and AMI BV8LP transformer as the UM17R. To achieve a lower price-point, we replace the Thiersch capsule with a custom Asian-built K47/M7 hybrid. We modify and complete the capsule ourselves, ensuring that it's optimally tuned to the UM17.  It’s then assembled on the same chassis designed specifically for the R version. With sections made out of Plexiglas, it provides a painless platform to work on for those who at some point would like to change the UM17's capsule down the road. 

For its components, the UM17 uses a Phillips 5840 (EF732) sub-miniature NOS tube, a custom AMI BV8LP transformer and an AMI K47 Classic capsule. The low profile power supply is modified and stringently tested in the US, providing the user with a remote control for 11 different polar patterns ranging from Omni to Cardioid to Figure 8. The entire system is covered by our 5 year limited warranty, with all units burnt-in and tested for 3-days prior to delivery. 

With the low price-tag it's easy to underestimate the UM17's performance. To describe its sound, as a guideline only, it makes for a very versatile mid-forward microphone with a present but unimposing colour, and well balanced high-end. As with all our products, we highly recommend you contact your dealer for a demo in your own room, to experience it first-hand.



Product Features:
  • Oliver Archut designed amplifier circuit
  • Our BV8LP transformer manufactured here in Gaylord, Kansas USA
  • NOS TPhilips 5840 tubes
  • Power Supply w/cable
  • Shock Mount and wind sock
  • 7-pin Connector Cable
  • Flight Case
  • Assembled, burned in and tested in the US
  • 5-year limited warranty on all components except the tube which has a 6-month warranty, customer pays for shipping

Product Specs:
  • Type:  Condenser pressure gradient
  • Capsule:  K17 dual-sided gold sputtered, large diaphragm capsule
  • Polar Patterns:  Remote 11-position switch from Omni to Figure 8
  • Frequency Range:  20Hz to 20,000Hz
  • Impedance:  200Ω
  • SPL:  128dB
  • Sensitivity:  14mV/Pa = -37dB (0dB= 1v/Pa) -10dB
  • Equivalent Noise:  17 dB, A-weighted
  • Non-linear Distortion:  1% THD @ 1000 Hz (132dB)
  • Mic Dimensions:  245mm long, 44mm diameter
  • Weight:  775g

This unit available now.  List price:  $1299.