Vintage Audio Technology for the Modern Studio
Direct Box


V71DI: Mono Direct Input Pre-Amplifier

After years of inquiries from customers asking if we could offer the V72S as a DI box, we decided to introduce this historic Telefunken design reshaped for direct signal processing.  Inspired by the historic V71 made by Malotki, and based on the schematic of the historic V72s by Siemens, this direct preamplifier takes care of all your high impedance signal needs.  This unit comes with minimal distractions and the same classic sound as the our TAB Funkenwerk V72S.  The maximum input signal capability is +10dB before going into smooth tube break up.  With a maximum gain of 36dB, the V71DI is an optimal solution for buffering or amplifying any unbalanced signal source; from guitar and bass pick ups to CD players, radios, sound cards, keyboards, etc.  The V71DI circuit layout is extremely quiet and gives this all tube design a better signal to noise ratio (-100dB @ 0dB/-90dB at max. gain) than standard Digital Sound cards, and most discrete or op amp based DI boxes.


Product Features:
  • Schematic based on historic V72s
  • Transformers constructed faithfully to the historic V72s specs
  • NOS tubes (Telefunken, Valvo, Philips)
  • 36 dB of gain
  • Single gain switch
  • Direct Input
  • Phase Reverse
  • 100 Ohm Resistive Ground Buffer
  • 5-year Warranty

This product is currently available.  List Price: $999