Vintage Audio Technology for the Modern Studio
UM25 Microphone

The TAB UM25 standard

Using most of the same components as the UM25C, the UM25 is designed as an entry point into the world of performance microphones for serious enthusiasts or a reliable professional tool for studios on a budget. Built with our focus on sound quality, the UM25 shares many attributes with the UM25C, making it one of the highest spec’d and best value microphones in its class.

The UM25 uses the exact same circuit, NOS tube, and transformer as the UM25C. Using original CK12 blueprints, along with extensive modifying in the US, we were able to work with the manufacturer to create the CK25 capsule, optimally tuned to the UM25. The microphone is also assembled on the same chassis designed specifically for the C version.  With the top plate made out of Plexiglas, it provides an easy platform to work on for those who at some point would like to change the UM25’s capsule later on.

For its components, the UM25 uses a NOS Telefunken tube, an AMI T14 transformer and the AMI CK12 Classic capsule. For a more affordable price point we exchanged the Made in the USA PSU and Cable with a off shore version. The low profile power supply is modified and stringently tested in the US, providing the user with a remote control for 3 different patterns- Omni, Cardioid and Figure 8.. The entire system is covered by our 5 year limited warranty, with all units burnt-in and tested for 3-days prior to delivery.

In terms of its performance, as a guideline only, the UM25 remains in the same tonal category as the historic Ela M251 with a smooth top end and the ability to capture details even as a room or overhead mic.  As with all our microphones, we highly recommend you contact your dealer for a demo in your own room, to experience it firsthand.



Product Features:
  • Historic Ela M251 circuit updated by Oliver Archut
  • AMI T14 transformer manufactured in Gaylord, Kansas US
  • CK25 capsule: a CK12-style capsule modified in the US
  • NOS Telefunken tubes (will be disclosed at product launch)
  • Point to point wiring
  • Power Supply w/cable
  • Shock Mount and wind sock
  • 7-pin Connector Cable
  • Flight Case
  • Assembled, burned in and tested in the US
  • 5-year limited warranty on all components except the tube which has a 6-month warranty, customer pays for shipping


Internal shot of UM25 (and UM25C)

Product Specs:
  • Type:  Condenser pressure gradient
  • CK25 Capsule:  34mm, CK12 style, dual-sided gold sputtered
  • Polar Patterns:  Remote 3-position switch;  Cardioid, Figure 8 and Omni
  • Frequency Range:  20Hz to 20,000Hz
  • Impedance:  200Ω
  • SPL:  To be tested
  • Sensitivity:  To be tested
  • Equivalent Noise:  To be tested
  • Non-linear Distortion:  To be tested
  • Mic Dimensions:  TBD
  • Weight:  TBD

This unit available Spring 2012.  List price:  $2199.

Historic CK12 (left), CK25 (right)