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AMI C12 Kit and Parts

AMI C12 Kits and Parts

Based on the popularity of our U47 kits, AMI is happy to anounce the  C12 Alternative kit.  We are shipping NOW!

AMI C12 Alternative Kit

AMI C12 Kit


The sample on right is a prototype of the C12 kit.  The kit will ship pre-assembled.  Note that the customer is to supply their own capsule, tube, components and cable.  AMI produces a compatible power supply but it is sold separately from the kit.



  • Head basket
  • 3x basket screws
  • Body tube
  • Bottom bell with Binder 7-pin connector installed, part 09 0043 00 07
  • 3x bottom bell locking screws, M4 stainless steel
  • Capsule holder for CK12 style capsules
  • T14 transformer (not shown)
  • 42x deck plates with stand offs
  • 2x support ribs
  • Tube socket assembly


C12 Alternative Kit Assembly Guide



Stay tuned for schematics of the historic C12 and suggested modifications!

C12-B Kit

AMI C12 Kit, with all components, T14 transformer, budged 7 connector mic cable, CK12a capsule, budged PSU and NOS Tunsol 12AV7 tube


C12-A Kit

AMI C12 Kit, with all components, T14 transformer, Gotham 7 connector mic cable, CK12a capsule, AMI made PSU, NOS Tunsol 12AV7 tube, Wood box and Rycote Shockmount



C12 style mechanical kit



C12-VR sized, reproduction head basket



C12VR style, reproduction body tube C12 lenght with capsule assambly



C12-VR style, reproduction body tube in satin nickel finish



C12-style, reproduction bottom bell with Binder 7-pin connector installed



Capsule holder for CK12a style capsule (Neumann K47 style)



C12-style, reproduction support cage compatible with historic version 



C12 style PSU (Neuman NG Style housing) with remote controll 120V/6V


Hiller-style T14 transformer


Custom made CK12 style capsule