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UM17R Microphone

The UM17R- Premium Version

The UM17/UM17R project was born through a redesign by Oliver Archut of one of his most proven circuits, mixing aspects of the historic U47 and M49. We set out to build a microphone around this revamped circuit, using a mix of vintage and modern readily availibale, and a selection of parts we had custom built. The aim was to give the UM17R a unique sound character and colour all of its own, while sharing some of the distinctive characteristics of the design that inspired it. The production version of the UM17/UM17R is therefore not a clone, nor does to pretend to be an emulation of any specific design.  



For the premium vesrion the "R" features nearly all in the USA made components as well as a made in Germany M7 capsule. Like the standard UM17 it uses a Phillips 5840 (EF732) sub-miniature NOS tube, AMI's custom all-nickel BV8LP transformer. The better specs of the "R" version is with refference to noise, due to the beefy vintage 'NG' style power supply, handmade by AMI, powers the microphone, providing 11 different remote controlled polar patterns ranging from Omni to Cardioid to Figure 8 The package is rounded off with a made in the US Accusound cable with Neutrik cable ends, and a custom shock mount built to the exact weight ratings of the UM17R. The entire system is covered by our 5 year limited warranty, with all units burnt-in and tested for 3 days prior to delivery.  In term of its performance, as a guideline only, the UM17R sounds very similar to an M49 but with a distinct character of its own. As with all our microphones, we highly recommend you contact your dealer for a demo in your own room, to experience it first hand.


Product Features:
  • Thiersch Elektroakustik STW 7 Red capsule 
  • AMI designed and built PSU, made in the USA 
  • Custom Shock Mount
  • Made in the USA Accusound cable with Neutrik 7-pin Connector ends
  • AMI BV8LP transformer made here in Gaylord, Kansas USA
  • NOS Philips 5840 tubes
  • Flight Case
  • Microphone Amplifier made here inGaylord/KS USA, designed by Oliver Archut
  • 5-year limited warranty on all components except the tube which has a 6-month warranty, customer pays for shipping

Product Specs:
  • Type:  Condenser pressure gradient
  • Capsule:  Thiersch Elektroakustik STW 7 Red capsule 
  • Polar Patterns:  Remote 11-position switch from Omni to Figure 8
  • Frequency Range:  20Hz to 20,000Hz
  • Impedance:  200Ω
  • SPL:  128dB
  • Sensitivity:  14mV/Pa
  • Equivalent Noise:  17 dB, A-weighted
  • Non-linear Distortion:  1% THD @ 1000 Hz (132dB)
  • Mic Dimensions:  245mm long, 44mm diameter
  • Weight:  775g

List price:  $2199.

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