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AMI Mic Kits and Schematics

AMI Mic Kits and DIY Support


Many of our mic transformers are purchased by professional repair folks, custom mic builders and do it yourself folks at home.  To help support this portion of the industry, AMI has put together metal work kits that can be used as the basis to build microphones or as parts to refurbish vintage microphones that need a little TLC.  As a general philosophy, we want to provide consumers with support where we can add value.  Producing the metal work for microphones is something that the average person at home can’t make themselves and has limited options from vendors.  There are lots of folks who sell components (capacitors, resistors, etc.), vacuum tubes, capsules, etc.  Rather than AMI being another middle man (and adding additional cost…) for these types of parts we limit our kits only to the parts that cannot be easily found somewhere else. 

We’ve also started building a schematic library.  Scans of many of the historic microphone schematics can be found on the web.  What we are trying to do is create a library of schematics where the “like” components are located consistently on each schematic.  The goal is to make these schematics easier to compare and contrast with each other so that folks who are learning about microphone design can quickly gage the circuit differences between two or more microphones.

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